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Our public crime map provides a near-live summary of law enforcement activities in the city of Hot Springs.The crime map on this page is preset to display a specific set of “event types”.Finally, if you have a smart phone you can download a free RAIDSOnline app from either i Tunes or Google Android.Click the arrow in the upper left corner of the map to access the panel containing the map's options.To change the map’s event types or to make other adjustments to the map's display click the arrow in the map’s upper left corner to open the map’s menu.Try typing in your own home address to see what kinds of activity has recently occured in your neighborhood.This page lists public record sources in Garland County, Arkansas.

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To cut down on clutter and to make the map more meaningful to you, you can change these options at any time and view as many or as few as you wish.

Similarly, you may only want to see incidents that occurred on a specific day, or you can choose any custom span of time up to 3 entire years worth of data.