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They told me that Ashley wouldn't live more than one or two months." Despite a weak immune system, Ashley managed to live for almost 10 months. Through tears, Saucedo said, "I apologized for not taking her earlier to the hospital, but the doctors told me that it wasn't my fault, that with babies like this, this is what happens." But Saucedo wants to know why it happened to her and the other mothers living here.Kettleman City is one of the poorest towns in the state. I like to call it the Mayberry feeing with a Latino twist." But unlike Mayberry, the 1,500 people of this farming community have no grocery store, no high school and few sidewalks.

According to the California Department of Public Health and California Birth Defects Monitoring Program, those four cases in Kettleman City are higher than expected.Nationally, the Birth Defects Monitoring Program lists one out of every 33 babies as born with a birth defect.