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Osborne (Bethania Minister, Cardigan)Gwas yn marw ar Ddydd Grog ei Arglwydd, Seren Cymru, 25/4/1980, P4.286BET Thomas, David (Ciliau Aeron, Author)2008Hollywood dream for author, Cambrian News, 10/7/2008 Thomas, David (Llanwenog, Poet, 'Dewi Hefin')Dewi Hefin remembered, Cambrian News, 7/7/1995 Page 1 [122kb]Evans, Jenkin; Dewi Hefin, Cymru XXIV Thomas, Dylan (Poet, Author)New Quay and Dylan Thomas, Page 1 [645kb] Page 2 [728kb] Page 3 [377kb]P14.942000Digging deep into Dylan's Cardi roots, Cambrian News, 30/3/20002007 Y dan yn y cei yn rhuo! W., 1991-2005, Aberystwyth)Surprise OBE honour for two, CN, 5/1/2006, p.

, CN, 14/7/2007 [882kb]2014'Miracle stone' that may have granted Dylan Thomas 'fame and success', Cambrian News, 24/4/2014 Thomas, Evan Isaac (Llandysul)Village worthy : Evan Isaac Thomas of Llandysul, Ceredigion, 1960-1963 Thomas, Dr Garrod (Doctor and High Sheriff Ceredigion, Aberaeron)Rhai o blant Aberaeron, Cymru XXI, P1.920 Thomas, Gillian Elisa (Actress, Lampeter)2008 So far so good, says Gillian, Cambrian News, 17/1/2008 [1018kb] Thomas Glandwr (teacher, Tregaron)Hen ysgolfeistri Plwyf Caron, Cymru, 1925, P12(1).370 Thomas, Sgt Joseph (won the DCM in 1915, from Llanbadarn) In memory of a hero, CN, 12/4/2007 [632kb]2009We will remember them, Cambrian News, 12/11/2009 Page 1 [243kb] Thomas, Rev Joseph Morgan Lloyd (Llanarth, Midlands Minister, 1868-1955) Solicitor, preacher and lecturer, Cambrian News, 7/4/2005 [966kb] Thomas, Lily (Education Officer, Aberystwyth)1967Election leaflet, 3/6/1967 Thomas, Margaret (Teacher, Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth)2006 Great party to bid fond farewell to Margaret, Cambrian News, 1/6/2006 [770kb] 2008 Tribute to devoted teacher, Cambrian News, 17/7/2008 [609kb] Thomas, Owen Lloyd (proprietor of the Cardigan Tivyside)Death of Mr Owen Lloyd Thomas, Cradigan Tivyside, 16/3/19888, P4.070CTS Thomas, Simon (MP, AM)2000AS Newydd Ceredigion, Angor, Mawrth 2000 Page 1 [313kb]2011Plaid's new face tipped for the top, Cardigan Tivyside, 26/7/2011 Page 1 [988kb] Thomas, Thomas George (proprietor of Cradigan Tivyside)Death of Mr Thomas George Thomas, Cardigan Tivyside, c. 1 (with photos) Whittaker, Liz (Cardigan, Author)2005Don't compare me to J K Rowling, Cambrian News, 24/11/2005 Wil Llaw Wan (Local Character, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys) Wil Llaw Wan, no pub.

J.; New Quay and Llanarth, p 32-33 [1.0Mb](P14.920SI) Photograph of Siani Pob Man [541kb] Simmons, Daunty (local character, Aberystwyth)Fashionable Watering Place, t. Spurrell, Cardigan Tivyside, 29/11/1985 Stimpson, Major H. (Ardwyn teacher, musician)Musical Major, Cambrian News, 29/2/1980, P6.370ARD Stowe, Harriet Beecher (grandmother born in Llanddewi Brefi)Frankenstein's Welsh link, BBC Website Page 1 [427kb] Subacchi, Mario (Aberystwyth, Joe's Chip Shop)2011Cofio'r Eidalwr hynaws, Golwg, 23/6/2011 Page 1 [321kb] Taliesin Magic of Taliesin, Cambrian News, 28/2/1986, P55(2) Tanner, Joe (astronaut, family from Llanddewi Brefi)1994Welshman phones home from space, Wales on Sunday, 13/11/19941995Dr Joe leaves pupils star struck, Cambrian News, 24/2/19952006One small step for NASA, one giant leap for Jone, CN, 31/8/2006, p.

60, P6.920.1CHA Sinnett-Jones, David (Aberaeron, Round the World yachtsman)1981Cancer man sets sail for Cape, Western Mail, 17/8/1981 Page 1 [165kb]Farmer gives up voyage, Western Mail, 22/10/1981 Page 1 [83kb]Llangeitho's undefeated yachtsman may go down to the sea again, Cambrian News, 23/10/1981 Page 1 [417kb]1985Mid-Atlantic drama with killer whales, Cambrian News, 27/12/1985 Page 1 [175kb]Surprise trip by yachtsman, Western Mail, 24/12/1985 Page 1 [41kb]Weather puts temporary stop to world voyage, Western Mail, 16/9/1985 Page 1 [202kb]Yachtsman sets sail on his vaoyage of discovery, Cambrian News, 20/9/1985 Page 1 [131kb]1986Lone yachtsman has company, Cambrian News, 14/2/1986 Page 1 [61kb]1987Sail away, Western Mail, 14/8/1987 Page 1 [458kb]1989The not so ancient mariner, Llangeitho Times, 6-19/10/1989 Page 1 [215kb]1995Round the world yachtsman in sinking drama, Cambrian News, 6/7/19951998Going solo in the spirit of Slocum, Cambrian News, 26/3/1998Over the sea in the name of freedom, Western Mail, 19/3/1998 Page 1 [240kb]1999David will be re-living history as he sails off in a boat made from junk, Cambrian News, 9/9/1999 Smith, Mrs (teacher, Tregaron)Hen ysgolfeistri Plwyf Caron, Cymru, 1925, P12(1).370 Solow, Herbert (Lampeter, TV executive, Star Trek)2007An inspiring little town, Cambrian News, 21/6/2007Meet Herb Solow, the Star Trek star who started work in the mailroom, Cambrian News, 30/8/2007 Page 1 [1.0Mb] Page 2 [1.2Mb] Spurrell, Hugh William (Aberporth, Colonel)1983Mr Aberporth is just streets ahead, Cardigan Tivyside, 4/2/19831984Village turns out to say happy birthday to the Colonel, Cardigan Tivyside, 31/8/19841985Col. 7, P39.920TAN Page 1 [262kb] Taylor, Jaci (Aberystwyth Mayor, 2000/2001)2000Guard against name calling, Cambrian News, 11/5/2000Lesbian mayor pledges to pull down barriers, Western Mail, 13/5/2000New mayor is installed in style, Cambrian News, 18/5/2000 Teiliwr Bach Dihewyd see Harris, John Thickens, John (Minister, Cwmystwyth)Jones, Odwyn; Parch John Thickens, Llan, 22/1/1982Roberts, Gomer; Parch John Thickens, Deg o Enwogion, 1965 Thomas, Arthur (Cardigan Mayor, 1957)1957Elected mayor of Cardigan for second time, Cardigan Tivyside, 24/5/1957 Thomas, Arthur (Penrhyncoch, Councillor)2007 Plaque for Arthur, Cambrian News, 12/7/2007 [481kb] Thomas, D.

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G.; St David, Ceredigion, Vol 9 Dewi – un o wir sefydlwyr y Gymru Gymraeg, Cymro, 4/3/1980 Page 1 [1.5Mb] Page 2 [1.5Mb] Page 3 [1.6Mb]Life of St David and other tracts, Clarendon Press, 1912, P39.920DEW 1960 Bishop dedicated statue to St David at Llanddewi Brefi, WG, 2/6/1960 [744kb] Bishop at Llanddewi Bref, WG, 9/6/1960 [331kb] Statue dedcated at Llanddewi Brefi, Cambrian News, 3/6/1960 [1.1Mb]1984 Saint of the law, Western Mail, 16/3/1984 [211kb] St Padarn Will O'Whispers; Who was our St Padarn?

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Santes Non Santesau Ceredigion, no publication, no date, P62(1).200 St Crannog2012Archbishop unveils statue of saint, Cardigan Tivyside, 22/5/2012 Page 1 [144kb] St Cynllo Our chief local Saint : Cynllo the king, Cardigan Tivyside, 30/8/1918, Page 1 [1.0Mb] Page 2 [1.1Mb]P56 St David Bowen, E.

G.; Cult of Dewi Sant at Llanddewi Brefi, Ceredigion 1953 Bowen, E.