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14-Jun-2015 00:23

With the support of his pastor at Lebanon First Assembly (Lebanon, Missouri), he began an outreach for men.Then about five years ago, both Jeff and Sheila woke up around 1 a.m.He saw terrified men and women, moms and dads, husbands and wives running through the streets. He started a new routine of getting up at 5 a.m., opening his Bible, and petitioning God, He began walking around his farm and praying—even in the sleet and snow.With blinding soot all around them, some ran into churches. An avid hunter and fisherman, over time he believed that God wanted him to use those passions to reach others for Christ.Feeling burdened for others, they asked God to give them direction for their lives.

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Then she added, “But we’re neither one educated, so we could never [do that].” About a year later, Jeff got involved with another men’s ministry.Then came the day we all remember, September 11, 2001. Like the collapsing towers, his goal of having a comfortable life had crumbled.Sitting in the comfort of his Missouri office, Jeff watched the Twin Towers collapse. “Show me what I need to know” On the morning of September 12, Jeff began what he calls his journey.Although the meetings he organized were life-changing for thousands of men, Jeff realized that many had problems in their marriages.

More than 30 years ago Jeff felt that God had something special for him to do.But because college wasn’t for him, he didn’t feel qualified to do “ministry.” So he got married to his childhood sweetheart, Sheila; started a successful welding business in Phillipsburg, Missouri; bought a farm; and began a family.

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