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27-Mar-2015 13:31

In any case, Friday’s release of the debut solo album from the ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik may mark peak sad-cool-dude.

Which isn’t a knock— might be the best chart-pop album this year’s provided.

Maybe all these grim assertions of adulthood come out of the same malaise fueling 21 Pilots’s hit whine “Stressed Out,” which is to say they’re either a symptom of Millennial economic insecurity or of Gen-X parental coddling or of social-media-induced anxiety.

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Two decades before that, his inspiration, Michael Jackson, transcended pipsqueakdom with one of the most joyful disco sets ever recorded.But today, whether seeking to banish the image of a sweet teen (Drake) or of a purple cardigan and bowl cut (Bieber)—or whether simply and sacrilegiously seeking to become the “new Michael” (The Weeknd)—pop’s men prove their maturity with prayer hands, bitten lips, and slow songs about the profound burden of dating supermodels.The she of “She” is snorting coke and wants Zayn’s body; the dreamy and insistent chorus makes the interaction sound all good under a club’s strobe lights, but his wails elsewhere suggest that he’s not sure he should give her what he wants.And the lead single “Pillowtalk,” which may have rocketed to No.

But after these 18 (or 20, depending on the version) decadent airings of sexualized angst hit the marketplace, it’s hard to imagine further efforts like it won’t feel redundant. Frank Ocean’s producer, Malay, has a heavy presence on the album, and it opens with the sonic signifier that will date today’s hits very soon: a vocal onomatopoeia pitch-shifted to sound like the yelp of an anime fairy (see also: “Sorry,” “Roar,” “Out of the Woods,” “I Really Like You,” every Skrillex song).But it’s hard to dismiss Malik as a trend-hopper when he has, for so If the music itself didn’t make that clear, there would still be all the non-pejorative uses of the word “fuck,” as well as allusions to it: “I get her wetter than ever / four letter are never a question," he sings on “Wrong,” one of many dread-tinged odes to a manic hipster dream girl.