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04-Nov-2015 15:17

That would be the last time anyone would see her until much later that night. M., her family called Chattanooga police to report her missing. M., and when she did, she told her family – and later, the police – about her harrowing ordeal.The teen victim said that Rodriguez first drove her to the parking garage where Chattanooga school buses are kept, then he drove her by car to a Super 8 motel.A Tennessee school bus driver has admitted to raping a female student, but he will not serve any jail time for his crimes, WTVC (Chattanooga) is reporting.

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Rodriguez’ attorney, Johnny Houston, said that whether or not the teenage victim was forced to perform sex acts is a matter of dispute, according to the “A parent wants to be able to be assured they have people who’ve had proper background checks, that do not have past felony records or any kind of record and they are the character and quality, know they would treat that child, you want the child handled.” As it turns out, Rodriguez did not have a criminal record prior to the rape, save for a traffic violation that was later dismissed.

The family of the teenage victim, meanwhile, has filed a million lawsuit, arguing that the rape has done irreparable damage not just to just to the teenage victim, but to her family as well.

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