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Alas, not everyone's thrilled with the changes in the air.Fox's Brit Hume, for instance, has griped about America's "feminized atmosphere."So Stewart brought correspondent Kristen Schaal onto the show to do some role-playing and show Stewart (or any male viewer, really) what it's like to be on the receiving end of workplace sexual harassment.Especially a lot of the kids playing sports nowadays.They’ve grown up expecting things to be given to them, expecting to be congratulated even when they finish last in a tournament simply for “playing”.The smallest travel calls that meant nothing since the guy with the disc didn’t have an advantage. And there’s a reason Florida received 2 TMF (Team Misconduct Fouls).I don’t want to see high level ultimate run the same course as high level soccer with people diving and being pussies. I think a lot of this exists in ultimate because people are soft.

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Host Jon Stewart started it off by noting that women have been "breaking down barriers left and right." In recent months, for instance, women have taken top positions at the Federal Reserve, GM, Lloyd's of London, and—well, Hamas got its first female spokesperson, a pretty weird fact to celebrate, Stewart noted.

I think we are way too easy on the next generation of athletes and I wish someone would coach these teams with a sense of toughness and grittiness instead of letting the college players (and consequently a lot of club players) get away with such weak calls.