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23-Aug-2015 00:16

Fairbourn is also charged with the attempted murder of Linda Mara Natalia Arce, who survived the double stabbing and was with Story at the time of the assault.

Both women sustained knife wounds to the head and torso and the police report details blood found all around the hotel room where they say the assault took place at the Rocks Springs Quality Inn on 1670 Sunset Drive.

Arce told police, when they arrived, a man she didn't know knocked on the two women's hotel room door, 119, and forced his way into the room and began stabbing them.(KUTV) Police documents released after the stabbing death of a Utah woman, reveal the murder suspect was looking for a sexual encounter.In charging documents, Rock Springs Wyoming police detail the circumstances around the arrest of Utahn Bradley Ross Fairbourn, accused of the first-degree murder of Naisha Rae Story, also from Utah.He said he texted Story and Arce, but didn't know which of the women he was communicating with.

Room 119 was open and they entered the room to make sure there were no other victims or suspects inside.

They said they saw blood on the floor, walls and furniture, and described it as if a struggle had taken place in the room.