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; Pro-Trump Robocall: Third-Party Candidate is "Closet Homosexual"; Clinton, Trump Scramble to Clinch Iowa.Aired 9-10p ET • Officials: Comey Won't Update Public on Emails Until Review is Complete; Abedin Attorney: "Ms.Abedin Has Complied Fully and Voluntarily"; New Poll: Clinton Leads By 7 Points in New Hampshire; Trump Supporters Encouraged By Email News; Officials: FBI Won't Complete Review Of New Emails Before Election Day; Attorney: Abedin Has Complied Fully From The Beginning.Aired 8-9p ET • New CNN/ORC Polls: Race Tightening in Key States; Trump Wants Early Dem Voters to Switch; Do Voters Like Trump Staying on Script?; Tight Race in Florida as Trump Campaigns in Pensacola; Just the Voters and a Camera.Aired 9-10p ET • FBI Releases Files From 2001 Bill Clinton Pardon; Clinton Campaigning Tonight in Florida; Trump Campaigning Tonight in Wisconsin; New Polling Shows Race Tightening; New Polling Shows Race Tightening; What Voter At Candidates' Rallies Are Thinking; Iraqi Forces Outskirts Of ISIS-Held City; Early Voting Trends.Aired 8-9p ET • Trump Campaign Tonight in Wisconsin; Soon: Clinton Speaking in Swing-State Florida; The Vote That Dare Not Speak Its Name; Can President Obama Close the Deal for Clinton?• Clinton, Trump Make Final Pitch in Battleground States; Final Polling Shows Clinton Lead; Clinton, Make Final Pitch In Battleground States; Obamas Join Clinton For Philadelphia Rally.

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Aired 9-10p ET • Candidates Closing in on Finish Line; FBI Director Stands by July Assessment in New Letter to Congress; Hillary Clinton Speaks in New Hampshire; The Ground Game; Campaign Star Power.Aired 9-10p ET • FBI Clear Clinton -- Again; Candidates Make Final Campaign Stops.

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