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Revelation -19 I am warning everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book. Or if anyone says, 'He is deep inside the house,' do not believe it.Someone attending a cult meeting for the first time quickly finds himself the object of attention and loving regard-"love-bombing." Feelings of warmth and acceptance are experienced as the group presents itself as a closely knit family bound together by ties of affection and common purpose. If the visitor accepts the invitation to stay with the group, he or she becomes isolated from outside contact and is subject to intense group interaction. They will try to fool God's chosen people if possible. "So if anyone tells you, 'He is far out in the desert,' do not go out there.

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Inadequate nutrition and sleep is disguised as a special practice or diet to improve health or advance spirituality. The leader claims divinity or special knowledge and authority from God, and often uses deception and has hidden objectives. This leads the cult follower into total dependence upon the cult for belief, behavior, and practice.He or she loses personal freedom and the ability to make choices.

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