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18-Nov-2015 11:49

So today we are a good mix of old gamers who still think we can be the shit when we want to, but still smart enough to surround ourselves with some of the best players in the younger agegroups who can drive our wheelchairs making us look good.

Next year we will have our 20 years anniversary, so we cannot hide that we are a lot older than when we were young and twitchy.

With age comes wisdom, and we obviously argue that we can outsmart all the young hotshot guilds, and at least survive or fully avoid the huge dramas our competition guilds will have.

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sees the launch of the final beta for Albion Online, and we are doing our thing working on launch plans and guild strategy.

Its been 7 years since the last “real” full loot mmo was launched, and as full loot pvp is the foundation of the guild it is obviously also the time to shine, the time to stock up on keyboards so we can destroy a couple in anger, and get the prenups signed of so we don’t lose the ownership of the pc when our spouses wants a divorce due to prioritizing the guild and the game highest.

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