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Some are habit forming and people don`t get erections without them. Regards Hello karan You should start with a regular course of Butea Superba Gel and Kohinoor Gold to get over all benefit in all your sex problems of small penis , low sex duration and sexual weakness.

So use Kohinoor Gold which is a safe and natural medicine. Make a three months course for satisfactory improvement. My age is now 27yrs, when I was 13yrs ‘s age I started masturbation . Regards Abhay Bhardwaj sir i want to enlarge my penis in thickness and length and i wanna discharge late .1 thing more what ever the medicine u sugesst i wanna tell u i some time take drink also it wont harm it plzz reply me sir i m 25 years family members planning for my marrige.

It helps in increasing semen count and is good for reproductive system, urinary system and empowers whole body. Regards I am 29 yrs Unmarried, I have been facing Hydrocil problem for the last 10yrs. It will help you improve your sexual and physical power naturally and faster.

So use this medicine for almost two months regularly to get best results. Normally my pennis remains size fo2-3 inchs when ejects 4inchs, in normal time bcs of may be hydrocile it remains not straight. Thank you Ayurvedic Support Hello Biky You should start with Butea Superba Gel and Kohinoor Gold for improvement in sex stamina , sex duration, power and energy levels.

Increase age, over sex, side effect of some medicines or chronic weakness can induce severe sexual weakness in males and females both. The interest and power of sex in females slowly comes to normal after a regular course of these natural female sex stimulants. Ya if you feel pain and lack of interest then use some good lubricant to reduce pain and take Provestra to increase your libido and interest in sex. Regards Hello frnd Kohinoor Gold can only be purchased by online shopping as we do not have any exclusive outlet in Kerala. Contact the team at Hello Rahul There is no medicine which can help you in leaving your habit of masturbation but your determination and meditation can help you a lot. Regards Hello arpit Self abuse or masturbation may be harmful to general health and sexual health and we recommend you to avoid it in future for your health. Hello gaurav You are having premature ejaculation problem and we recommend you to take a regular course of Kohinoor Gold and apply Butea Superba Gel for increasing sex duration, erection force and sexual power. You suggested me kohinoor gold and shilajit for that.

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This is Ayurvedic medicine which is non habit forming and a powerful sex booster for males and females. In starting my enegry was too good but it decreased every day, even I did Sexy so may time in my Life But I was not able to satisfy any one, Now I am married ,and have to babies , But not able to satisfy my wife, Current makes one time i insert after 2-3 stock I discharge, and again my penis not ready till morning,when the the urin pressure comes. my problem is when i do sex ,within 5 to 6 second my sprum come at that time i feel very guilty.i had taken medicine also but result is suggest me Hello Ankit You should start with Butea Superba Gel and Kohinoor Gold in combination for improvement in sex duration and sexual power naturally. Thanks in advacne Hello siva Good diet, fruits and vegetables are all good for our health but you may take long time to recover.

It increases libido, gives and maintain rock hard erections, increases duration of sex and gives the powerful orgasm. Make a regular three months course for better results. Is it will help, If I start exercise and taking raw vegetables (ladyfinger, carrot, etc [if any others please prefer]) and fruits (please prefer which are best). Take Kohinoor Gold regularly which is a herbal medicine and is safe for regular use.