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Our placement here is purely conjectural.) Arngrim GRIMSSON; also begat Hjorvard, Hervard, Hrani, Brami, Barri, Reifnir, Tind, Saeming, Bui, two Haddings; Berserker; slew Skalk the Scanian, Egther of Bjarmaland; dueling with Svafrlami, q.v., seized Tyrfing, wounded (or killed) Svafrlami, becoming War-Chief of GARDARIKI Khusrow II (Parviz) (King) of PERSIA; also begat Kobad II Pirudsh (father of Artakhshetr III), Boran, Khorezadh-Khosrow, Azarmidukht (father of Hormazd V); aka Khosrau (Chrosroes Khusrau) Parvez SASSANID; aka Chosros II Perwez; `the Victorious'; 560? 'Utayyik (Otayyik) al-'Arabiyah, Abu Hala al-Tamini; aka Khadijah Kadidja; aka Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra; `the first Muslim'; 571? Theodoric I BALTHAS (King) of VISIGOTHS; also begat Thorismund (King), Frideric (Federico), Retemeris (Ricimer), Himnerith, (NN : wife of Hunneric of Vandals); aka Theudemir (Theodemer) AMALI of GOTHS; aka Dietrich I `the Brave' of WEST GOTHS; ally of Rome against Huns; ? at Battle of Chalons Merovech (I; King) of (Salic) FRANKS; also begat (NN : King in Tongres : father of King Chararic); aka Meroveus (Merowig Merovey Meroving Merowech) `the Young'; defeated Attila the Hun, q.v., in 451; eponym of the MEROVINGIANS; (many pedigrees have been proposed for Merovech, with only a few shown here.); 415 - 458? the Heat of MUSPELHEIM; also begat Midgard (world of humans), Asgard (world of gods), Vanaheim, Jotunheim (world of giants), Alfheim (world of light elves), Nidavellir (world of dwarves), Svartalfheim (world of dark elves); (PRIMORDIAL) al-Harith (V) ibn JABALAH (King) of GHASSAN; also begat al-Mundhir III (King); aka Flavios ARETHAS `the Lame'; aka Khalid ibn JABALAH; (Phylarch of Arabia Petraea and Palaestina Secunda); 500? not Frotmund (q.v.) ancestor of Viviane del Acqs; 1st King of the MEROVINGIANS; 1st King of the FRANKS; (was he father of Clodius V or father-in-law? - 464 Joseph (Saint) of ARIMATHEA; or: James `the Just' (Joseph's nephew); poss.

Soemel of ANCIENT SAXONY; (Soemil Seomel); legendary founder of DEIRA; (Although shown as ``2-g grandfather of Yffi'' and sometimes father of Westerfalca, several varied sources omit him from the agnatic line. along with all other male heirs by order of son Kavadh Fiachaidh (V) Sraibhthine (Scrabhtaine) of IRELAND; aka Fiachu Sraiptine (Fiacha Srabhteine) Mac CAIRPRE LIPHECHAIR; aka Fiacha Sraibhthine Mac CAIRBRE LITHFEACHAIR; King of Connaught & 120th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? Ramla; aka Muhammad (Mohammed Mahomet; KASHIM) ibn ABD ALLAH, Praise be unto him; merchant, received `true visions' from age 35, began teaching ISLAM (submission to Allah) in 613; his army captured Mecca in 630; 5th (& last) Ulul Azmi of ISLAM; Philosopher; (MIPHMHH #1); Mecca 25/3/570 - 8/6/632 Medina poisoned Khadija bint KHUWAYLID; also bore Zaynab, al-Qasim, Abdallah; also m. Marcellus (war hero), Gnaeus Domiticus Ahenobarbus (father of Nero); 4th of four wives; 15 - 59 k. Pharamond (Faramond) (King) of WESTPHALIA; also begat prob. same as famous long-lived King of OIUM, whose alleged 80-year reign would have been one of the longest ever); ? Aldrien (Andrew) ap SELYFAN (King) of BRITTANY; also begat Bigan Farchog (Knight and father of three Saints), Eusebius; (Aldroenus Audren); asked to rescue Britain from turmoil after departure of Romans, sent his brother Constantine; Prefect of ARMORICA; 373??

source: Divine Twins, q.v.; aka Hengist (Heingistr) the JUTE; poss.

- 635 Riphath (Ripath) SCOT ben GOMER; or: Bath, q.v., gt-grandson of Japhet (acc. Dagda of the TUATHA de Danann [alt ped]; also begat Cermait (ancestor of Mac Cuill & Mac Cecht & Mac Greine), Aengus (Aoenghus), Ainge, Bodb, Brigid (Bridghiendto : m. - 118+ Cronos (Kronos) the TITAN; or: Saturnus (Ruler GOD) [alt ped], q.v.; also begat Hestia the Olympian (Goddess of Fire : aka Vesta), poss. TITAN; (Ogygus Ogygos); (because some srcs treat Ogyges as a primordial aborigine, while others make him son of mortals, the descent paths may be contradictory) poss. Demeter (q.v.), Gaia (q.v.), Halia, Iphimedia (mother of The Aloadae), Melie; aka Neptune Aeolus of THESSALY; or: (see alternate pedigree); also begat poss. Remus (Romulus' twin), (by Harmonia the Nymph) the Amazons, (by Aphrodite) Phobos (Fear), Deimos (Terror), Biston (progenitor of Bistones), Thrax (progenitor of Thracians); aka Mars Mnemosyne the TITAN; also bore Pyrene the Nymph, Tritone, the Four Muses (Thelxinoe : Aoede (Sing) : Arche : Melete (Practise)), Polymatheia, Rhodia, Tipoplo; also m.

Hoel I MAWR `the Great' ap BUDIC; or: was Hoel Mawr father-in-law of Hoel II instead? - 457 Dareca verch CALPURNIUS of IRELAND; also bore St. Finn (q.v.); (succeeded his brother-in-law Duke Udolphus, 'but proud of his victories over the Danes and Normans, took the title of King'); poss. daughter of Shu-sheng of Gao; `High Progenitor'; 1st EMPEROR of T'ANG Dynasty; (though the T'ang Dynasty is sometimes considered China's most glorious, it was Sui Wen Ti (Yang Chien) of the short-lived Sui dynasty who'd unified China a generation earlier); aka Tang Kao Tsu (Li Yuan); 566? Matthew's gospel; (two of his sons married two daughters of Joachim and, in some accounts, their son(s) was adopted as step-brother(s) of Jesus) Ambiorix (Chief) of EBURONES; (de GALATIE; the HEROIC); (subjugated in 57 BC after Caesar's conquest of Gallic Belgica, joined Indutiomarus of Treverians in rebellion in 54 BC destroying Rome's 14th Legion, after which the Eburones were annihilated by Julius Caesar, q.v.) Panghu (25th King) of HUNS; 5th King of the Northern XIONGNU Dynasty; Panghu seems to be the last clearly documented ruler of this dynasty, but many scholars agree this line led to the Huns of Europe; ? Medusa (q.v.), Pegasus, Phocus, Priasus, Bergion (King of Ireland & Orkneys), Lestrigo (King of Italy), Mygdon (King of Bebrycians), Charybdis, many others; also m. King Ceyx); aka Eole (King) of ORCHOMENE; eponym for the AEOLIDS; progenitor of the AEOLIANS; King of AEOLIS (The AEOLIAN Islands); Ruler of the WINDS; aka Aiolos I Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War); also begat poss.

Tudual, Elinore of Rohan, Ithel `Hael', Dwyaraw `Frychan', St. - 569 Marcus Maecilius (Eparchius) AVITUS; also begat Agricola, Ecdicius; aka Flavius (Maccilius) Eparchius AVITUS; EMPEROR of ROME; (proclaimed Emperor by Visigothic King Theoderic II; deposed by Ricimer); 397? aka James `the Just' ha-DAVID; (some show Jesus' brother or even son, not uncle, as the Joseph of the Grail); `Arimathea' may be a corruption of `Ha Rama Theo' (`Crowned Prince'); (Jesus' brother Joseph may be the same person as his brother James (q.v.) but we give him two pages to avoid commingling separate legends); ? Serge I (Prince) of SIOUNIE; or: (NN : Serge's ancestor); (There are far too many generations in this lineage, taken from Dirk Peters' database; Probably many of these ``sons'' were actually brothers.); ? Richoldus I Uffo (King) of FRIESLAND; also begat poss. Iris, the Rainbow GODDESS; or: other (click on Iris for list); other mothers shown for Pan include Penelope of SPARTA, q.v., Thymbris the OREIAS, Callisto of ARCADIA, q.v., and as lovers of Zeus: Hybris (Goddess of Insolence), Aex the NYMPH (daughter of Helius), Boetis (a goat) Kao-tsu (EMPEROR) of CHINA; also m. Breg Jacob ha-DAVID; also begat Miriam (wife of Theudas), Ptolas, Clopas (Cleophas : father of Chief-Apostle Simeon & Jude (Thaddaeus : Patron Saint of Lost Causes)); aka Yakov NASI; father of Joseph according to St.

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Ruqayyah bint MUHAMMED; or: (NN), another wife; also m. Loarn, Cieran, Carantog, Magalle, Columb, Brychan, St. Daniel (father of Budic); aka Riothamus filius DAROCUS (High King? his same-named ancestor; also begat Accolone, Aganippus; aka Afranius-Syagrii; Consul of GAUL; King of the ROMANS (so-called by some of his Germanic enemies); Gallo-Roman Senator; a poet; (ruled a peripheral residue of the Roman Empire, defeated by Clovis at Battle of Soissons, fled to Alaric II, who betrayed him to Clovis); Lyons? ); King of the SILURES (the CATUVELLAUNI); 25 BC - 17? Attila (Atila) the HUN (59th King of the HUNS) [alt ped]; also begat Tuldila (61st King), Dengizec (62nd King : father of Oulibus 63rd King), Sengilac (father of Sunigila wife of Odovacar 1st barbarian King of Italy), Tingiz; also m. Uldin (Uldin Alyp-bi-Arbat) of HUNS; or: Mandiuch (Uldin's son); Leader of BLACK HUNS, famous for decapitation of Gainas, allied with Stilicho to defeat Rodagasus of the Heruli (q.v.) in 405, attacked Moesia but defeated by Rome 408; (following descent from the Southern Hsiung-Nu Khans is suspect: Attila descends from Northern Hsiung-Nu); ?

Patrick of IRELAND; mothered at least 20 Saints or Bishops; (nic CALPURNIUS); 310?? Riotham ap DEROCH (Prince) of DOMNONEE; also begat poss. aka Mu'awiya ibn al-MUGHIRA; Progenitor of the SUNNI Caliphs; Ruler of SYRIA; conquered North Africa; opposed Ali ibn Abu Talib, q.v., at Battle of Siffin; Mecca 603 - 680 Flavius Afranius SYAGRIOUS; or: prob. murdered by order of Clovis Attila the HUN (59th King of the HUNS); also begat Tuldila (61st King), Dengizec (62nd King : Khan of Kutrigur Bulgars : father of Oulibus 63rd King), Tingiz, (by Ildiko) poss. (1st) Arykan, (4th) Ildiko (Hildiko); founder of the 2nd Hunnish Empire; EMPEROR of Huns, Swedes, Goths and Danes, `Terror of the world and the Scourge of God'; several different ancestries are shown for Attila, the one starting with Bendekuz & Turda is Dr. Feargusa Dubdetach `the Long Haired' Mac IMCHATHA; 114th MONARCH of IRELAND; aka Fearghus (Duibhdeadach; `the Black Toothed') Caisfhiaclach Mac IMCHAD; among many other battles he conquered Scotland; ? Cormac Ulfhada (Ulfhota; `Longbeard') Mac AIRT; also begat Gratne (1st wife of Finn Mac Cumail (q.v.)); 115th (and wisest) MONARCH of IRELAND; converted to Christianity; ? choking on fish bone (by Druid sorcery) Fionn Mac CUMAIL; also begat poss. (1st) Gratne (Gace) ingen Cormac (sister of Ailbhe); (famous Warrior, subject of the Fenian Cycle ); aka Finn Mac CUMHAIL; eponym of the FENIANS Fiachu Mullethan Mac EOGAIN (King) of MUNSTER; aka Feach MAOLLEATHAN; aka Fiacha MUILLEATHAN; progenitor of the Owens; born 9 months and 1 day after his father's death to fulfill a prophecy; by 166 - 226+ Cymbeline (King) of BRITONS; aka Cunobelin (Cynfelin Cynvelin Cynfelyn Cymberline Cunobelinus Cunobelinos) (PENDRAGON ?

Cadell, Elffin, Morfydd, Rhun (father of Rhoedd Last King of Rheged); Queen of GORE (GWYR); poss. aka Clodius V (King) of WESTPHALIA; aka Clodgar I de BOULOGNE; des FRANCS RIPUAIRES; Frankish King of KOLN (KOELN); 398? Mu' awiya ibn ABU SUFYAN (Caliph); aka Muawiya I (1st UMAYYAD Caliph, 5th Caliph) of ISLAM; aka Mu'awiah bin ABI SUFYAN bin Harb; aka Abu 'Abderrahman; poss. - by 480 slain by wife's lover, Uthyr Pendragon, q.v.

progenitor of the Goths; Sources have inconsistent chronologiesi -- combining sources makes Berik his own ancestor! - 226 slain by Feircis Kahana (Kahani) ben ABBA I ha-DAVID; or: prob. : Kahana's brother); also begat Gasyandukht (2nd wife of Yazdagrid I of Persia (q.v.)); aka Kahane; 23rd EXILARCH in Babylon; ? Cassiphone Dagda of the TUATHA de Danann; also begat Cermait (ancestor of Mac Cuill & Mac Cecht & Mac Greine), Aengus (Aoenghus), Ainge, Bodb, Brigid (Bridghiendto : m. Estrildis of Germany; (Loegre Lloegr Llocrinus); 1st King of LOEGRIA; ? Julius Marinus (father of Philip the Arab (Emperor)); (1st King of the GHASSANID Dynasty); aka Jafna `El Ma'ussma' bin AMR; 185?? the Corybantes (q.v.), (by Rhodus) the Heliades (Ochimus : Cercaphus : Macareus : Actis : Tenages : Triopas : Candalus), poss. Rhodus (nymph), Hyrmine, Leucothoe; aka Helios the TITAN; (there was a Helios-worshipping cult in Syria until Christian times) Cybele, the Mother GODDESS; also bore poss. aka Elcmar, Nechtan; King of TUATHA-DA-DANAAN; High-King of IRELAND; poss. Deucalion (King) of PTHIA; also begat Protogenia of Thessaly, many men grown from cast stones; of THESSALY; (wrathful Zeus having created a Great Deluge, Deucalion was warned by Prometheus, built an Arc; he and Pyrrha (and poss.

Modron verch AFALLACH; also bore Deifyr, Rhiwallon, St. slain by Arngrim Clovis (Chlodion) the RIPARIAN of COLOGNE; aka Clogio (Clodion `the Hairy') de THEROUANNE; poss. on his wedding night with Ildiko Gorles Sap ap SOLOR; aka Gorlois (Duke) of TINTAGEL (Cornwall); aka Gwyrlys ap SORTUGUS; aka Gwyrllew (Duke) of CARLISLE; Governor of Cerniw; 452? aka Hegiste (Henyest) von SAXONY; invited to England ca 445 by Gwrtheyrn Vortigern, q.v.; King of SAXONS; 414? Svafrlami SIGRLAMASSON (King) of GARDARIKI; or: Frodi (King) of DANES; aka Svafrlami (Svaflami Svaflam) of NORWAY; (legendary King of RUSSIA, had magic sword Tyrfing, which could not be unsheathed without killing); poss.

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