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Collection of Symphogear drabbles that are too short to be posted on their own Chapter 1: Carol and Elfnein - "Papa"Chapter 2: Tsubamari - busted Chapter 3: Carol - burning Chapter 4: Carolnein - closeness Chapter 5: Chris and Carol - vocabulary Chapter 6: Carolnein - snow Chapter 7: Kanatsubamari - recording Chapter 8: Kanatsubamari + Chris - trauma Chapter 9: Carolnein - personal space Chapter 10: Tsubasa - unhappy marriage Chapter 11: DMJii - thunder Chapter 12: Tsubamari - passion Chapter 13: DMJii plus Chris - wandering thoughts Chapter 14: Carolnein - pets Oftentimes she'd shuffle into the kitchen in the morning to find Papa sighing over yet another blackened meal.He would puzzle over the large recipe book with the most lost expression ever.Cooking, Papa liked to say, was nothing like the sciences.Sometimes, however, Papa would let her try her hand at cooking.As she struggles to come in terms with her exile and to forge her life anew in a foreign country, she becomes attracted to the one who has sworn to guard her life.In a deadly world locked in war and politics, will their love ever be allowed?After a few years of blissfully content marriage, Maria realizes there's something she wants from Tsubasa, and she knows just how she's going to get it.

[Hibiki and Miku find Carol.] [3 povs] [Knowledge of previous stories not necessary.] Exiled for her safety, Princess Maria Cadenzavna Eve is brought to Japan, guarded by the mysterious Kazanari Tsubasa.

Hibiki was a normal girl until she decided to see one of Zwei Wing's concerts.

He would hover over her shoulder, anxious, as she made the most basic of soups.

He and Elfnein would gasp in awe when her alphabet soup not only turned out edible but also delicious.

is coming to North America as a Play Station 3 digital title on November 24.Priced at .99, and offering 50 – 100 hours of playtime “depending on whether you want to complete all the optional content or not,” , the player finds themselves in an alternate world populated with famous characters of history and legend – who also all happen to be beautiful maidens – and must fight their way to world domination.