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01-Feb-2015 07:18

Like teams around the country, during baseball games camera crews for the New York Mets have a tradition of scanning the crowd for couples to show on the Jumbotron, prompting them to kiss on-camera and the stadium to swoon.

But New York's Citi Field has long had its own unique — and many say, homophobic — version of the famed Kiss Cam.

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"I'm just a fan who loves going to the games, and honestly I hate seeing this kind of latent homophobia that really has no place in a baseball game," Bednarsh told in a recent interview.Before long, other fans joined in, speaking out againt the tasteless joke via Twitter, calling the Mets "homophobic" "imbeciles," "stupid," "anti-gay," and telling them to "grow the fuck up." As the growing cascade of tweets was met with silence from the Mets organization, Bednarsh tracked the outrage on Twitter, commenting that the "jokes" were "absolutely inexcusable." The homophobic Kiss Cam gag continued until Bednarsh was invited to speak on "We have, on occasion, included players from opposing teams in our popular in-game Kiss Cam feature.