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In India, internet use has skyrocketed among the under 25s, and at 27 percent, the state of Maharashtra including Mumbai has more female users than anywhere else in the country.

But up until this study there hasn’t been a whole lot of information on how the internet affects their sexual health and sexuality.

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So researchers surveyed 150 young adults aged 18 to 25 from different parts of Mumbai and interviewed another 31 to look at their online habits.The work was part of the EROTICS study which looked at sexuality, the internet, and the rights of those who use it in five countries around the world.Searching for romance Sixty percent of Indians think the internet’s a great spot to meet that special someone – that’s more than in any other country.So it’s no surprise that finding casual romance by social networking and searching for a spouse on matrimonial sites are very popular online activities for young Mumbai women.

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Everyone seems to know someone who met their husband on a matrimonial site – whether the match worked out wonderfully, or not quite – and almost all of the women interviewed said they’d visited the most popular,, even if it was only to satisfy their curiosity.Flirting with a stranger For some, filling out their profile is a family affair, and it’s not uncommon for clashes to arise between traditional values and modern realities, for example when it comes to how a woman dresses in the picture she uploads.