Shakira and wyclef dating

11-Jun-2016 14:14

Later that evening, after Shakira has picked up an award for best international song, indulged in a little star-on-star small talk with Ricky Martin, and deftly fended off a request from British icon Robbie Williams to "hang out sometime" (she invited him to give his number to her manager), I spot Will. Am of the Black Eyed Peas backstage and ask him what he thinks of her."I want to marry her," he replies in a matter-of-fact tone that suggests he may not be kidding.

A moment later, Shakira shades her eyes and looks up at the sound booth.

"Less 'verb in the monitor," she says, businesslike, before requesting one more take.

"She's the greatest cook," she adds, narrowing her eyes, "and she's fat free."Shaki, as her fans call her, is a fascinating and uniquely fearless singer, given to wriggling out of key like a blind man darting into traffic and somehow making it across the road every time.

To hear her pull off these vocal feats live is thrilling.

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Meanwhile, tossing her sleepy mane of highlighted Robert Plant curls, she aims her fierce brown eyes at the camera with such smoldering intensity that I almost have to avert my gaze from the big monitor in front of the stage.

And that's before she peels up her T-shirt, revealing her marvelously toned and sunbaked midsection, and begins ever so gently stroking the mic stand....

Then she flashes me a sweet, almost bashful, can-you-believe-my-crazy-life? It's a perilously disarming smile too, it turns out.

Because as the ominous throbbing bass line of her propulsive new hit single, "Don't Bother," comes pouring through the sound system, the smile vanishes and a stunning transformation takes place.

Grabbing the microphone, Shakira begins to prowl the stage like a tigress stalking a hapless bunny."She's got the kind of look that defies gravity," Shakira sings, addressing an ex who has apparently dumped her for another woman.

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