Short notes on radiocarbon dating

28-Dec-2014 17:40

Another claim is that the inconsistency of C levels in the atmosphere over the past 60,000 years creates a validity issue.

However, calibration of carbon levels using tree rings and other sources keep these effects to an extremely small level.

This is meaningless because dinosaur fossils are not dated using carbon dating; dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago, more than a thousand times farther back than carbon dating can be used.

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Furthermore, if a sample has been contaminated, scientists will know about it.Ironically, given how supposedly useless carbon dating is claimed to be, Creation Ministries International rests part of their "101 Evidences" on carbon dating being a useful method for within several thousand years.Carbon dating, like other radiometric dating methods, requires certain assumptions that cannot be scientifically proved.These include the starting conditions, the constancy of the rate of decay, and that no material has left or entered the sample.

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This of course contradicts claims that the Great Flood messed up how carbon was deposited, destroying their own argument.

Less astute creationists often conflate carbon dating with other forms of radiometric dating, attempting to "disprove" the true age of dinosaur fossils by "refuting" carbon dating.

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