Shuffle dating sim game

27-Dec-2015 22:08

It’s a sad truth but mobile games will be limited by the Internet Access needed.There are mobile games that don’t need Internet to run -- Plants vs Zombies is one -- along with paid mobile games. It’s unsure but Pokemon Shuffle mobile needing Internet ruins it for those who have long commutes on subways.But if you haven’t heard, Nintendo is trying to get into the mobile game market and the first offering if Pokemon Shuffle mobile.However, if you have the 3DS version or are on the fence whether to download the 3DS version we have compiled an analysis of the two versions in hopes to help you make your decision.You already bring your mobile phone wherever you go so you will always have Pokemon Shuffle available to you.While you’re waiting on line, just sitting on the couch or at boring relative’s house, the three-match game is always at your fingertips.Pokemon Shuffle is finally available to download on both i OS and Android.

It’s as simple as pulling the phone out and booting up Pokemon Shuffle and playing a round or two.

And if you have a weak connection, you may find it hard to play.

However, Pokemon Shuffle mobile’s convenience doesn’t trump the 3DS version’s convenience in every way because of a flaw many mobile games have.

Internet Access Needed Like a lot of mobile games nowadays, Pokemon Shuffle mobile needs an Internet connection to run.

Let’s dive in starting with the most basic difference between the two versions.Mobile is More “Convenient”The mobile version of Pokemon Shuffle in intrinsically more convenient to use.

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