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10-May-2016 16:20

It has left the couple stunned and shaken – but they are nonetheless vowing to stay together and have more children.

‘We’re not from a bad background and if someone had said to me that they were in a relationship like this, I would have said they were sickos.‘When we found out that we were half-brother and half-sister, we were devastated.When I got the phone call with the DNA tests, it was like when you hear about someone you know has died or like when you are in a car crash. It’s that sinking feeling in your stomach which comes all over you. 'Before we found out that my girlfriend is my half-sister, we were talking about getting married and we would like more children.But we will get married and we will have more children.’The couple do not want their identities revealed because they fear that to do so would have a devastating impact on their young son.

Now they are considering taking a landmark civil case against the judge and a child psychologist involved in the family law case that ultimately sealed their fate by refusing let a child be told the truth about his parentage because of the secrecy that shrouds Irish family law.Speaking to the Irish Mail on Sunday this weekend, the young man at the centre of this staggering tale said he understood how his story might initially make people feel.‘I’m not blind and I’m not oblivious to what people might think,’ he said.