Single mother sex chat

28-May-2016 08:46

I think its the biggest problem in the Philippines, and its a deep rooted problem that I wonder if I am even qualified enough to blog about…I will try my best to explain my perspective.

During my last two weeks back, being a social guy, I strike up conversations all over the place…many of them are single Filipino mothers. I can go on and on with stories, my friend Mike Mo works at Western Union and the Philippines is one of the top countries to receive money from overseas workers….

Being a single mom is one of the most demanding and difficult responsibilities anyone could ever face.

Tips for Dealing With Birth Fathers No one can fully understand the pressures and challenges that each single mom faces.

While most parents would admit to feeling that way, not having another parent to share the…

Dating Advice for Single Moms Last time I wrote about how becoming a single mother meant having your entire life flipped upside-down.

But to be a single parent, is even more challenging.

It’s easy to feel like your life doesn’t matter any longerbecause everything is all about your kids.