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26-Oct-2016 17:12

The new series of Britain’s Got Talent kicks off on ITV in April, and as soon as we hear confirmation of the launch date, we will of course let you know.

After being quizzed about the occassion during a game of ‘Plead The Fifth’ on the show, ‘What Happens Live’, Christina admitted that she ditched him for a non-celeb and also confirmed that it marked the end of their romance.

The actress then went on to play Rachel’s sister Amy in a few episodes of Friends which is a little too much for us to handle… Sinitta In one of the most surprising celebrity hook ups ever, Brad Pitt actually dated Sinitta for two whole years during the 1980s.

She infamously went on to date Simon Cowell, who she is still bezzies with.

We’re not sure if she is still in touch with Brad though… Juliette Lewis Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis dated Brad from 1990 to 1993.

The star recently mocked the actor’s manhood by saying, “He was no…big deal, if ya know what I mean! Gwyneth Paltrow Most people know about Brad’s liason with this other famous blonde.

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Understandably, the raid left Simon and Lauren shaken, and fearing that their evidently inadequate security measures may put their son at risk. In other less serious news, Simon’s fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has revealed that she once went on a date with Cowell, but so confident was she that it wasn’t going to go well, she pre-booked a taxi to take her home!

So of course, Cowell immediately ordered an overhaul of security and according to the Daily Star today, Simon’s close friend and former lover Sinitta has revealed that over the course of the last few weeks, he’s had state-of-the-art alarms installed. I don’t think it’s even easy to get out of the house now because it’s so well secured.” And of the frightening break-in, Sinitta said, “He realised what could happen to his family. I think what happened was a wakeup call.” But of course, the burglary wasn’t the first time an intruder had breached his home security measures given that a few years ago, a woman who later stated she was “obsessed” with Cowell not only got into his house, she made her way into his bedroom. Amanda made the admission during an interview with the Daily Mail, saying, “We went out on a date…