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Sure enough, come Season 2, Chuck was gone, and never seen or referenced again.Well, unless you count "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome," the term now used to describe similar situations on TV.In the end, however, Laurie disappeared for good from Season 7 on, referenced with a useless "Has anybody seen Laurie? Watch Now (Moviefone) Judy Winslow, "Family Matters" Here's a thought, TV sitcoms: stop adding siblings simply to make main characters more interesting by giving them a sibling. Otherwise you'll wind up with a Judy Winslow, the youngest of three children on "Family Matters" for the first five seasons until she's just gone without clarification on where she went. Grace Miller, "Scrubs" Sometimes characters just don't work out and we need to move on, but that doesn't mean we move on without explaining where they went. Still, you can't then just make like she never existed. Miller did show up in the finale some five years late, it was just a fantasy cameo, so that doesn't really give her disappearance any more merit. Watch Now (Moviefone) Denise Huxtable & Maggie Lauten, "A Different World" Denise Huxtable of "The Cosby Show" fame was eventually spun-off onto her own series revolving around her college years. Watch Now (Moviefone) Cody Lambert, "Step by Step" The "Step by Step" version of Jeff Spicoli from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," Cody Lambert was the stoner-esque cousin to the Lambert family who lived in a van in their driveway.

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Television sitcoms can be guilty of a lot of things, but one of their more egregious offenses involves not giving viewers a proper sendoff to recurring characters before they simply vanish into thin air.The following list collects 12 glaring examples of such negligence (with a little something extra at the end for true TV nerds).