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25-Mar-2016 04:07

We use Brute Protect to prevent spam bot attacks and Sucuri Security for malware and auditing of our Word Press sites.

Thanks for the message about removing plugins and installing Total Cache and All In One WP Security, the latter of which we’ve never used. And, they’re still advocating for upgrading to Word Press 3.9.2! Lastly, in today’s world of Word Press hosting, even Go Daddy is getting into managed Word Press, where you don’t have to use the one-click install. With WP Engine, you’ll get a staging environment relatively easy to deploy and work with. if they could use WP Engine, who deploy this functionality to every site owner?

There are other advancements in the media library and using o Embed to embed social links from You Tube, Slide Share, Mix Cloud, Sound Cloud and other services, so one doesn’t need to rely on plugins anymore to embed 3rd party widgets that do stuff. Need to increase that to 64MB, well, you’re out of luck. Most site with small businesses work on their LIVE site, not a staging site.

The latest version of Word Press: 4.0, comes with a great new feature that allows the blog author to keep their editing tools persistent while writing posts. Word Press at a minimum, I believe the last time I check required 40MB of php memory. You see this now at WP Engine, which does a fantastic job of powering Word Press managed sites that also come with staging environments, so you can build a site in staging and then push it to live with one click.

hosting for Word Press, but the most pressing problem is the removal of .htaccess from the root directory of Word Press installs. First, how can you install Total Cache if you don’t have .htaccess, for Total Cache relies on .htaccess to insert its caching rules!

Yahoo Site Builder may only be a fleeting afterthought of Yahoo's web hosting service, but it still allows you to create an average business site.

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, is they cannot move as fast as smaller hosting companies that will test and approve new versions of Word Press weeks after their releases to the public. You have to be a developer to understand and utilize it and not a general site owner or editor, who could accomplish this themselves with a redirection plugin! Call support and plead with them and they will say, sorry, we don’t allow that. Redirection rules help site owners redirect posts, pages and other links as 301s (forwarding permanently to a new URL) or 401s (not available). offers the “custom Error Pages tool,” but who is going to add HTML files to a Word Press folder and then set some rules in those pages, which aren’t explained in their help section other than to refer you to the tool. Meaning that if you install a set of plugins and find yourself needing a big more php memory to help fuel your site’s processing needs, forget about it. Brute Protect is so powerful, the plugin was recently acquired by the Automattic for inclusion in the Jet Pack plugin, which features a combination of high level plugins written by the Word Press team themselves. We also found out that we simply can’t redirect a URL in the Yahoo! We found the instructions here: we do the redirect, we don’t know. and learn why they can’t do something that you can do in most other services easily. It means the changes you are making to your live site are seen by all.

The .htaccess file can be used to create custom error pages and web page redirects, set up password protection, enable SSI, and more.

That goes against the statement listed in their admin hosting panel! says about .htaccess: .htaccess (Hypertext Access) The name .htaccess refers to the main configuration file for Apache, a popular open-source HTTP server.