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D.'s artistry with financial and emotional support and considered herself a second mother to the poet's only child. Schaffner, who said he came to know her quite well on her yearly visits to New York and when he was invited to stay at her Bauhaus mansion in Switzerland.

'Smartest Person' He Ever Met "I thought of her as the smartest person I'd ever met," said Mr.

AS Val Schaffner, author of "Lost in Cyberspace: Essays and Farfetched Tales," recalls it, his first invitation to pause along the information highway for cyberchat was frightening. Previously, he was a reporter and an editor at The Star.

No sooner was he on-line with a network known as the Source than a query appeared on his screen. He recalls the dawning days of the computer age when he used to saddle up his trusty old program called Valdox and lumber off into the electronic twilight zone known as cyberspace.

There were horses, cows, woodlands and fields that sloped to wetlands and North Sea Harbor.

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" came on, "and it was like all these people suddenly wanted to chat," Mr. Schaffner, 42, a writer and a columnist for The East Hampton Star, which originally printed the essays. I just turned off the computer." That was years ago, said Mr.