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Leaving the barge, Jabba's massive dais entered the palace.

Her friends were dead, the rebellion doomed, and she was at now at the mercy of a Hutt. At least this way, she could join her friends in death.

As the barge began the journey to Jabba's palace, her only option now was to promise to herself that she would never break, never give in, and never obey her master. If only she knew then just how futile her resistance would be.

Living as my pet is far preferable to a life in prison." Leia looked at Jabba in horror as the shock of her new position slowly began to sink in.

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Leia sat on her master's tail, mentally preparing for what was about to happen. A horrified Lando broke his cover to try to prevent this, but was quickly dispatched by Boba Fett. I was sent here to ensure the death of Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi in the galaxy. She mentally thought and visually showed through the emotion on her face.

The plan was simple: R2 would launch Luke his lightsaber, he would kill the guards, and she would distract and kill Jabba. Just then, R2 finished serving drinks, and wheeled by heading for the deck. Leia began to weep as she watched Lando being thrown into the Sarlacc. Due to your brilliance, Mighty Jabba, my interference was not needed. Mara noticed this, and with a cruel smile, nodded to the Hutt.

Leia saw Luke look for R2, not being able to spot him.

"I am your master now," Jabba said, "Soon you will obey me completely." Just then, a red haired woman stepped on deck. In exchange for all your information on the rebellion's bases and fleet locations, as well as access to your hyperspace routes, he will grant you 1,000,000,000 credits, as well as free reign to exercise any business you wish in the outer rim not harmful to the empire." "Ho, ho, ho," Jabba laughed. "The exalted one happily agrees, and will allow you to return to Coruscant and inform the Emperor that he accepts the deal. "Soon, you will be grateful that I demanded to keep you.

She trusted Luke; he was a Jedi and fully capable of defeating the Hutt. He behaved casually, so no one would suspect him of being up to something. All of her friends doomed to suffer hideous agony for over a thousand years. Nevertheless, due to your success in neutralizing the rebellion's most skilled leaders, the Emperor offers you a generous deal. "Of course, mighty one, the Princess will be well controlled here." As Mara left, Jabba turned to Leia.

Leia watched in unbearable agony as Chewie and Han were both thrown in shortly after him. he will keep Princess Leia in his possession, as he has many plans for her." Leia sat in mounting horror. Please refuse, please take me prisoner or execute me, but not this.