Small fish big pond dating

19-Aug-2015 21:01

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When you go off to your first year of college, you should have some essentials: detergent, flip-flops, Advil and five fun facts about yourself. Coming from such a small, close-knit school to attend the whopping Syracuse University was quite a change.I was constantly trying to figure out “fun” and interesting things about myself to share in the endless amounts of icebreakers A few of my go to’s are that I have a pet turtle named Poseidon, that I was an extra in the movie and that I attended the smallest public high school in New Jersey. My lectures were bigger than the entirety of my high school, and I experienced a level of school spirit I hadn’t even known existed.So many students seemed to have far more experience and confidence than me—it was incredibly intimidating. A Tuesday night basketball game directly after my three hour lab? My peer advisor texted me one day and invited me to one of her sorority’s philanthropy event.I was so overwhelmed, and even started second guessing my decision not to go to a small liberal arts school. I knew next to nothing about Greek life at Syracuse, but after talking to all of the people there, I decided to rush.However, all that illogical worrying eventually ended. Now I’m in a sorority and have been introduced to so many people from a bunch of different houses that I can’t walk across campus without running into someone.The first few weeks were jarring to say the least, as I discovered that my high school experience was a unique one.For the larger part of my life, I was a big fish in a small pond.

I also went from knowing everybody to nobody at all. I had just met my roommate, but other than that had only said hello to a few people on my floor.I spent the night in my room terrified I wasn’t going to make any friends, or that everybody already knew each other and I was out of the loop.It was easy to get a lead in the musical or a position on student council simply because there wasn’t any competition.I was able to leave my mark and go on my merry way.

But after graduating, I soon found myself a small fish in a big pond.

It’s hard to get noticed when you’re up against thousands and thousands of people. I tried out for an a capella group and didn’t make the cut.

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