Smart woman dating

18-Apr-2015 12:17

When I talk to my dad about it, he rolls his eyes and says to stop over-analyzing and that we’re too smart for our own good. A new study published in the November issue of “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin”of partnering with intelligent women, being presented with one in real life is a turn off.Let’s just jump off this pedestal right now, shall we?Research teams from the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and the University of Texas at Austin studied intellectual preferences in men by presenting them with two scenarios.The first scenario told male participants a woman outperformed them in either an English or math course, and then asked them to imagine the woman as a romantic partner.He reiterated this statement the night before my first day of high school, and it’s a piece of advice I’ve carried with me since. I love the career I’m building and have a group of friends I trust and admire.Dinner and text conversations range from recent features in the New Yorker, to the political landscape to the etymology of favorite words like the Portuguese “saudade.”Overwhelmingly, though, my female friends and I are for the most part single.Then the men were asked a series of questions based on a ranking scale.The research team found “men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves.”This sounds great — promising, even! For the second part of the study, researchers administered an intelligence test to the men, and then told the participants they were about to meet a woman who had outperformed them on the same test.

No one wants to dance while balancing a full martini in one hand.The researchers who led this study believe “feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women outperformed them.” So basically women have to worry about stepping on shards of shattered masculinity when breaking glass ceilings. Women are purchasing more music than men, emerging as leaders in STEM fields, and now hold more advanced degrees than men do.There’s been eviscerating break ups, whirlwind romances and casual dates in between. The romantic ones of the bunch attribute it to not yet finding a perfect match, while the more cynical ones say it’s the guys we’re choosing, like we have bad taste in men.I’m more inclined to think it’s not so much bad taste in men, but a taste for the bad boys.

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One of my most vivid memories is the night before my first day of kindergarten.My dad sat me down and said it’s more important for me to be smart and nice to people than it is to be pretty or popular.

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