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24-Jul-2015 13:03

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Why would you replace Kim Yoo-jung with someone unknown?Either Kim Yoo-jung’s character should have been a few years older (actresses play older all the time), or cast the other chick from the start. Yoon So-hee is an unknown rookie with just a few projects under her belt, and really, onscreen she doesn’t seem that much older either.girlfriday: It’s so ass backwards because they spent so much time and effort trying to make Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Je-hoon’s pure idealistic relationship believable, at the expense of developing his relationship with his wife Princess Hyegyeong until much later in the story.Plus, if you were planning this from the get-go, then why wouldn’t you have cast a high-profile actress from the start??

The articles are saying that this is a “baton pass” between child role to adult, but my bullshit meter is flying up to 11, for so many reasons.javabeans: I guess Yoon So-hee seems like she could play the character more “mature” — in that she would be less innocent?I’m trying to wrap my head around it, but it seems dumb to me.javabeans: I feel like it HAS to be a last-ditch effort to either salvage the role or minimize it, just because of the (upside-down) order/logic of the decision.

Because nobody is buying the romance, and yet, you can’t exactly sizzle it up any more than what it is right now (a very pure attraction based on righteous ideals) because of the actors’ ages.

javabeans: Do you think this was a last-minute thing due to (a lack of) viewer response?