Solomon islands chat dating

16-Nov-2015 06:04

All this variety earns the Solomon Islands the distinction of being the most diverse group of islands in the Pacific Ocean!

The Solomons cover an area of 28,000 square km and are composed of more than 990 islands.

The Solomon Islands are located towards the south east of Papua New Guinea, with Australia a mere three hours away by air.

It is truly a land of immense diversity, and here you get a chance to experience a range of topological contrasts - from mountain peaks enclosed in thick forests, immense volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, thick rainforests covered in static mist, to tiny islands peeping out of the water, quiet still lagoons, and sparkling coral reefs!

The Solomon islanders still follow a traditional lifestyle, following their customs and living harmoniously within their environment.

They are a hospitable lot, and you will be warmed by the affectionate welcome and help they offer so generously, everywhere you go from the local restaurants to the fabulous Solomon Islands resorts.

Add to that the unspoiled nature and the many things to see and do in Solomon Islands, with so many undiscovered points and places, and the low cost at which you can experience all this, and you will soon fall in love with the Solomon Islands.

For the adventurous traveller yearning for a place un-spoilt by the mechanical humdrum of tourists, the Solomon Islands are the place to visit next.These islands almost make you forget the manic 21st century lifestyle you come from as the friendly inhabitants of this remote and un-spoilt island draw you into their warm world of age-old customs and unhurried simplicity.

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