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Beads, hurricanes, grenades, crazy outfits, everyone really enjoyed it. In part, it’s what makes us gentlemen: putting others before ourselves, even with something as simple as a mixer. The three most popular dress up mixers I have seen were themed, “Boots and Boxers” (more clothes are worn than just that), “Favorite You Tube Character”, and of course “America.” 57. Takes place on hottest day of the year, indoors with air conditioning turned way up.

Go to the list of other campus organization and invite them to have their meeting at the house instead of at the student center or where ever good for campus outreach and recruitment after the meeting have pizza or snacks 58.

I think this is a great list, and will become a resource for fraternities and sororities for years to come. It seems like their is a weird bowling fad sweeping colleges that I didn’t know about. Also, be sure to check out my article —Fraternity Mixers – 11 Ways to Ensure Success. These are usually pretty classy events where we go to nice hotels, dinner cruises on boats, wineries, etc. Random Themed parties – have to be careful nowadays with all the fraternities getting in trouble for “racist ragers”, so it’s key to make sure things are politically correct. Highlighter party – everyone wears white/neon and you buy a bunch of highlighters. The first was a mardi gras/masquerade ball themed event. Every sorority member was greeted with a brown paper bag beverage, lots of people wore cardboard signs. Obviously he was just joking, but I appreciate a person with good humor. Build a snowman, carve an ice sculpture, or hold the whole event in a skating rink.

It was incredibly fun and always fell within university policies as there was no alcohol allowed. What ends up happening is we’ll have members invite one guest then with the remaining invites we split them up with the sororities so that we can get unity within our Greek community. Halloween: heaven and hell, have multiple level homes, decorate one half as hell and the other half as heaven. As long as you do it off campus or get permission you should be good to go. Then we take them ice skating or dancing or something. The stories of guys going up to random girls and getting them to grab them as dates is great. Some of the best that I’ve heard would include an etiquette class followed by a food fight and dance lessons. Best mixer of my udergrad days wasn’t really a mixer at all but a community service event. Use a colorful revival tent, cucumber sandwiches and tea, prep or British clothing.

Last week, I asked those who subscribe to my newsletter (click here – it’s free! Librarians and barbarians, joggers and loggers, etc. Sigma Pi and Alpha Omicron Pi feed the hungry night where the two get together and serve food at a homeless shelter. One of my favorite events we did in college was an “Aquafina Party”. Or those guys with girlfriends running all the way across campus to find her. One of our founding fathers met his future wife at a “speed dating mixer”. Have the guys rotate around and talk to every girl for a couple minutes. My Tie Mixer – all the guys bring a tie to the event/venue and the sorority ladies each get to pick a tie. We hosted an afternoon “dance” for a center for mentally disabled teens and young adults in conjunction with a sorority. Since it was a community service event, we were able to do something with a sorority that otherwise would have been “our of our league” so to speak–this built a good relationship between our groups and we ended up doing more together later. Our fraternity is looking to do a pub trivia style mixer.

) to share their favorite fraternity and sorority mixer ideas. Stay away from ____ Bros and ____ Hoes, which is the default way most of these parties rhyme. Pumpkin carving: divide them into teams and have competitors for best carvings 3. It’s a good lesson learned for both fraternity and sorority members. It also helps our guys get more comfortable with the ladies and shows us who has game. After all the ties are picked the girls match up with the guy whose tie they picked. The set up was pretty easy, some basic decorations, snacks, soda, and a some recorded music. We got another fraternity to combine with us, so we could match the size of the sorority. Dates must wear an outfit made out of two yards of flannel and nothing else.

So many fraternities are caught in having events at night and it becomes routine we feel. Picking a fitness class to do with a sorority can always be fun (yoga, zumba, kickboxing) 15. Usually works as a good introduction into a Greek Week pairing. Date party where everyone has to find their date on Tinder 17. Serve delicious drinks and the girls love the sweet theme. Where we set a maximum people could spend and then we had a best dressed contest. The best theme for a mixer since I’ve been around has been a Speed Date.

Everyone comes dressed up with masks, the event starts off formal with more traditional music before slowly transitioning into the chaos that is mardi gras. On a more serious note, I have found the ladies love to dress up; and let’s be honest, we are happy when the sorority women are happy.

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It’s tentatively going to show the wives (and chapter members/dates, by extension) that there IS life after the “four years” (ahem, ahem) one spends in school w/a chapter. A “WET/DRY” EVENT: How about a sailing party where there’s no alcohol involved?

If the campus is near a lake that’s large enough for sailboats, this could be a great idea, especially if the booze factor’s not involved (less chance of a risk management event). The way I look @ it, if there’s a chance someone might be offended by a party’s theme (e.g. Grilled steaks with baked potatoes and tossed salads.

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