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As I mentioned in a previous post, Henry had been seeing professional doms and disciplinarians prior to meeting Carol.He got nervous about going to their facilities, so he decided to purchase the equipment he enjoyed most and set up his own playroom, with the understanding that the doms and disciplinarians would come to his home.Barry and I thought that was very kind of him and liked to idea, so we accepted Carol's invitation to visit it Sunday afternoon.We were each very amazed and the three of us had a fun time.

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Henry now uses that room as his home office and a sitting area.

The office area serves an office setting for appropriate role plays; and the sitting area provides a lovely domestic setting for OTK spanking, light domination, etc.

His playroom is part of an unused in-law apartment in his basement.

As you enter the apartment from the outside or a staircase in the home, you enter what would have been the living room.

As we entered the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to a two foot heavy oak ruler on the top of the desk, as well as a crock sitting on the floor in the corner containing several canes.What was originally designed to be the bedroom had been converted to an exercise room by the previous owner (complete with mirrors on the walls and a flat screen wall mounted TV)..