Special needs parents dating site

17-Sep-2015 10:03

Dear Sharon, We have a adolescent daughter whose special needs have placed her in special ed schools since she was a youngster.She is on the spectrum, and with unique attention is doing very well.Almost all parents find it challenging to think about their child’s dating life, especially when it is beginning, and there are plenty of teens who are impulsive and have trouble thinking practically when it comes to handling young “romance.” There is often more parental involvement, patience, and care needed with a special-needs child who is navigating her first potential boyfriend, but the following general guidelines apply.When new relationships are blossoming it is important for parents to do whatever is needed to be in ongoing contact and communication with their child.

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In most cases some common “controvers­ial” topics that need to be discussed are when, if, and how to use social media wisely, how to sort through physical contact, if, when, and where to spend time alone with a special friend, and the importance of sharing questions and experiences with mom and dad.

Keeping dialogue flowing is probably the most important aspect of watching over a dating 13 year old; when things are secret there is sometimes more need for concern.