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17-Mar-2016 14:37

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I do wish the seller had cleaned it up a little and installed the water pump.Changing the transmission it a bit more of an involved task, so I understand him not doing that, but installing the water pump and getting it running is something one could easily do in an evening.And in the end it would give buyers considerably more confidence knowing that the engine isn’t seized and is running.When sellers don’t fix little things like this, it makes me wonder why they haven’t done the work.It also had its original 4 speed swapped out for an automatic, thankfully though there is a Muncie 4 speed and all the parts to switch it back included with the car.I love the blue on blue paint scheme, although I’m not too sure about a previous owner’s special touches out back.Is it laziness (I can actually understand that one a little better) or is it that they fear what they might find?

Let’s move on from the speculation though and focus on what we can see. I don’t see any body damage and the seller claims they don’t see any rust on the frame.

The paint is an issue for me and not just because of the custom touches, but because it looks to be coming off in a few areas.