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Plus gallery Series 10 (Autumn 2006)Camber Sands Kaddy Lee-Preston goes behind the scenes at Camber Sands as the latest recruit to the beach patrol.

Aircraft contrails Could aircraft flying the busy South East air corridor be wrecking the weather and leaving a grim legacy for future generations? Fossils in Kent, and urban explorers We join The Rock Doc, Alasdair Bruce on a search for fossils in Kent.

Series 9 (January-March 2006)Hovercraft, and wild horses of Kent Inside Out looks back to the 1970s - the decade when the Hovercraft was the height of modern travel. Alternative therapies for dogs, Dorset Heaths, and lifestyles How heathlands provide an ideal habitat for reptiles. Plus - join the urban explorers as they poke around disused buildings and tunnels- anything man made, anywhere they're not supposed to be.

Advert hoardings, lorry crime, and crime writer The advertisement hoardings that some say are blighting our countryside. And the famous crime writer who sets his novels in Brighton.

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Series 11 (January-March 2007)Nature and climate change Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England.Plus photo gallery Climate change Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.