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First, a kuwmaz, which that was worn by Hebrew women, seems to denote any form of necklace or bracelet, perhaps formed together with beads (Numbers , Exodus ).

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Linen headdresses, twisted as turbans were common for men (pe'er, livyah), wealthy women (pe'er), bridegrooms (pe'er), and priests (migba'ah) (Ex. “Give unto them beauty (pe'er) for ashes…” Two other words karbela (Dan ) and tabuwl (Ezekiel ) denote a turban but are only used once in the Bible each. It is probably the longest list of apparel that we have (though it is connected with only women) in the Bible, though I will reference other verses for those articles of jewelry not included in the Isaiah 3 list.

Condemnation of the sale of relics – or simony – was one of the causes of the Reformation in the 16th century, together with usury and the sale of indulgences. “No-one can say whether venerating relics aids prayer, it depends on the faith of the believer”, Bishop De Paolis told La Stampa.

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