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You can ask about their current classes or if they have a work study position. Yes, it really stinks talking about yourself for two hours straight, but remember that you could have a lot to give the newbies and try your best to stay positive… Thinking this way before the session even starts is a recipe for disaster. Though you want to be positive in the way you speak about your internships, you should be honest about the barriers/problems you encountered in your experience. But also important to remember is that you’re not just there to talk to the first-year students, but also professors, fellow students from other departments, professionals, and more. (My version: Don’t get to negative aspects of the internship right away, but do be honest about them). I’m keeping some of what the Millionnaire Matchmaker said initially for this tip– “Patti Says: ‘The conversation should become a ping-pong match…Respond to questions with positive energy and enthusiasm, and stay on neutral subjects…Witty banter is very important. (My version: While going easy on the booze should be pretty obvious …. Luckily, Kau’i was the poster next to me and went to get water for us, essentially coming the rescue when we were both dying of thirst! I ended up having some wonderful conversations and gave information to first-years about certain professors’ research, particular classes, and job/volunteer opportunities. Thank you to everyone I got to speak with on Friday – it was so much fun, even if you were just at my posters to snag some candy.🙂 Also if we didn’t get a chance to talk, or you have any additional questions for me about my summer internships at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease or the Cancer Support Community, please feel free to contact me!

Find a way to make it more of a conversation instead of a presentation. I actually had a long conversation with a freshman student who had been told I was working at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease and we talked about her pursuing public health for the rest of undergrad and maybe graduate school. Like mentioned above, it is your responsibility to be honest if there were negative aspects to the experience that someone who is interested in following in your footsteps should be aware of. Ask interesting questions, be a good listener as well as an active participant.’” Say hi to everyone who walks by, even if they do NOT look interested initially. I also tried to have an interactive component to my presentation with the ribbons’ colors and cancer awareness..

Successful poster presentations are those which achieve both coverage and clarity.

Coverage: Have you provided all the obvious information?

Will a casual observer walk away understanding your major findings after a quick perusal of your material?

So I have never actually been speed dating, but I believe this past Friday’s SPH Poster Session was a similar experience.

It’s chaotic with lots of new faces, lots to talk about, and little time to convey everything you want to! Basically, work on your internship elevator speech!

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For SPEED Poster sessions, these regular 110-minute contributed poster sessions will each hold 2 SPEED poster sessions.Ideally, a well-constructed poster will be self-explanatory.