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Toronto had several elephant deaths prior to this decision and by May of 2011 and facilities upgrades were badly needed.

Further the AZA had laid out new guidelines for its accredited facilities on the keeping of elephants. In 2009 it appeared as if the zoo board was prepared to make these changes but by 2010 and John Tracogna’s arrival this plan had changed.

It chose to target around 50 film critics instead, with an e-mail that described the movie as, "egregious and untrue."Now for the first time, the vice president of zoological operations for Sea World San Diego, Mike Scarpuzzi, has published an open editorial in the U-T San Diego.

Yet again, it focused more on the educational value of the facility for the public, and less abo"This is a terrible accident.

The group Zoos Matter has fought tirelessly to stop the proposed transfer of the Toronto Zoo elephants to the PAWS sanctuary.

If you do not know of the story please sit back and prepare yourself because the truth about the Toronto Zoo elephants is the most despicable act of animal exploitation at the expense of true animal welfare.

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Sea World executives rarely respond to criticism beyond a sentence or two.We are reviewing all the protocols related to the program thoroughly to ensure this never happens again," Aucone said.