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22-Jun-2015 12:50

During our chat, we decided that the best way is probably to find the key people in an organisation who are responsible for or have contact with those responsible for translation/marketing.My colleague was saying she thought it was a matter of making contact, building a relationship based on trust and THEN the work might develop out of that. I have a current direct client which came through an agency recommendation, i.e a friend of the agency owner needed a translator for an in-house job and he recommended me. There are advantages to this, the agency will often take care of formatting issues and can often win larger contracts than a freelancer might.For example, I am currently doing a lot of work in my main specialism of tourism for a large hotel chain through an agency.It’s highly doubtful I’d have been able to win that contract myself as a lone freelancer working in only one langauge pair.However, it is worth thinking about how to get more direct clients, not because they are necessarily better (they can bring their own problems) but as a way to widen your customer base.

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Another recent contact is the parent of my child’s classmate.The parent knows I’m a professional translator and his company has some small texts they’d like professionally translated.