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= Actenstücke aus der Königlichen Bank zu Theben in den Museen zu Berlin, London, Paris, ed. Wilcken, Berliner Akademieschriften zur Alten Geschichte und Papyruskunde I [Leipzig 1970] 39—104). 24 texts and 8 fragments are studied in this volume. Reich, Journal of the American Oriental Society 36 (1936) 168—169. CG] The following two Demotic texts have been reedited:= Ägyptische Handschriften (Teil 2), ed. = The Abinnaeus Archive: Papers of a Roman Officer in the Reign of Constantius II, ed. Untersuchungen zu Aufbau, Entwicklung und inhaltlichen Aspekten einer Gruppe von demotischen Urkunden, ed. An asterisk is used to denote those texts which are substantially revised or newly edited = The Adler Papyri, Greek texts ed. Newberry with an appendix on a Coptic papyrus by W.

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(Travaux du Centre d'Archéologie Méditerranéenne de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences 2). [o.p.] = The Amherst Papyri, Being an Account of the Egyptian Papyri in the Collection of the Right Hon.

47—79; otherwise a catalogue of descriptions and other material relating to the Alexandria papyri.

In the following list, the numbers are ours and the texts cited by page numbers, which are given in square brackets.

Not all the texts are edited or reprinted in full and they are not numbered serially.

(Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland XIX 2). as follows: = Papyrus grecs du Musée Gréco-Romain d'Alexandrie, ed.