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29-Apr-2015 13:17

Court records indicate that Cotton and Cholip are scheduled to make their preliminary court appearances on Jan. No date has been scheduled for Kuchar because police have been unable to locate him after he was released in August.Cholip and Kuchar were charged as a parties to the burglary.

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Three people, including a Hartland woman, are facing a host of charges related to an alleged burglary in August at a Waukesha manufacturing company.Matthew Cotton, 28, of Waukesha, Stacey Cholip, 24, of Hartland and Ryan Kuchar, 26, who's listed as "homeless" on the criminal complaint, were charged Thursday, Jan.Cotton may be sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison and an additional ,000 in fines for the drug charge. he walked in on two thieves, who appeared to be tying to steal various kinds of metal from the business.According to the criminal complaint, police were contacted early Aug. The thieves fled on foot, leaving behind several bins full of metal they presumably intended to take, a dolly and two sets of footprints, according to the complaint.

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According to the complaint, Cholip eventually told police that Kuchar and Cotton had asked her to wait in the truck and serve as the getaway driver while they stole the metal.Investigators later found Cotton and Kuchar in a vehicle that was not the getaway car, the complaint said.