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Excluding the Family Edition, "Starr" remains the youngest person ever to win the Amazing Race at age 21.Nick and Starr are also the first team of siblings to win the competition.The cast featured a pair of fraternity brothers, a team of married hippies, southern belles, businesswomen divorcees and a retired NFL player hoping to reconnect with his estranged wife while on the Race.

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This is only the second Race to circumnavigate the world westward (The Amazing Race 10 was the first, and followed by later seasons).This was the first Race in which an eliminated team was absent from the Finish Line to cheer on the final 3 teams, as Dallas (of Toni & Dallas) had misplaced his passport and the team's money in Russia on the penultimate leg. Embassy in Russia, but it was still too late for him and his mother to join their fellow racers at the finish line.The teams raced in eight different countries, including Bolivia, Cambodia and Kazakhstan for the first time, as well as Brazil, New Zealand, India, and Russia, with the finish line in Portland, Oregon.CBS had originally planned to only air one installment of The Amazing Race (Season 12) in the 2007–08 season, but due to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike, CBS ordered a 13th installment as a replacement for programs affected by the strike.

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This had been hinted at in promotional materials aired before the Race began, where CBS revealed that one team made "an unprecedented mistake that ultimately prohibit[ed] them from joining their fellow Racers at the finish line." In a post-Race interview, Dallas revealed that the loss of the passport and money was partly caused by the changing of a microphone battery by production. Applications for The Amazing Race 13 were due on November 27, 2007.Semi-finalist interviews were held in December 2007 and January 2008 and final casting interviews took place in February 2008, in Los Angeles.