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The POF Dating App has the most users, generates the best results and is FREE. See our Terms of Use Agreement below for more information on our cancellation policy.

Please note that with all subscriptions: * Payment will be charged to your i Tunes account at confirmation of purchase.

Pods has an extensive set of field types, each with their own set of options.

If those aren’t enough they are also easily extended.

My first time trying to meet girls online and after 3 weeks I had just one that would even talk to me.

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Unlike smaller dating apps POF, has the most users and thus, the highest chance for you to find your relationship! Subscription Prices**3 month subscription: .996 month subscription: .9912 month subscription: .99**Prices are in U. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription will expire at the end of the current billing cycle.

Plain Text: For short plain text input Website: URL validated text Phone: Numbers are formated as a phone number Email: Make sure users input a valid email address Password: Masked input field for password entry (please note: no hashing or encryption is done) Plain Paragraph Text: A basic textarea field for paragraph text input.

WYSIWYG (Visual Editor): Supports Tiny MCE (WP Default) or CLEditor Code (Syntax Highlighting): A paragraph text field with syntax highlighting via Code Mirror Date / Time: A date/time field with a pop-up calendar, time sliders, and configurable formatting options Date: A date picker field with a pop-up calendar and configurable formatting options Time: A time field with pop-up time sliders, and configurable formatting options Plain Number: A text input for numeric values.

Some could be fake, they're strings pulled by employees.

So I was lucky to meet an actual living female except she is mentally deranged - a bipolar depressed girl with borderline personality disorder and PTSD.

Because of her and POF I was incarcerated 4 times for 4 felonies and 2 misdemeanors. I spent a total of 3 weeks in jail, was evicted and lost my gun rights.