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showing your personality is a confidence booster and makes you feel good for who you are be yourself its great and dont be shy of standing up for your comfort and right!! Worthing In many years of experience, I've observed that the level of a student's academic achievement and their behaviour both in and out of school is reflected in their appearance. I agree Sophie, Devon Ther not so bad, makes non-uni days spec.

Pride in wearing the uniform of their school indicates a pride in their school as a whole, and shows that the individual is able to integrate and contribute to the whole social group. an it meens ya dnt hav 2 decide wot 2 wear everyday. JASON THOMAS I think you should wear the school uniform on weekends as well, because I wear the full uniform all day Saturday, because it is comforable and I like the style of the school of the uniform Nikki Brisbane School uniform SUX! matchmakers in britain we are the match makers and we are debating in a political conversation for the school debate to win we say that we shoulkd not wear school uniform as it makes us all look dull and plain we are not alowed make up or jewellery so we all end up looking the same girls anyway . Kristy from Beverly Hills Clothes are a way of expression - how you feel, or simply who you are.

I made the decision to leave before my exams as it was the final straw in a long running battle over the cost of uniform. Where I come from the uniforms are evreywhere and like I say I dont think its fair making us look like rejects walking around. In many schools, students are actually teased about 'how they wear' their school uniforms.

To this day, I will not take a job involving a suit or uniform. (By the way, I went on to become a Company Director without a suit.) Nayajah, NY Ok..1st of all why are all the kids writing about uniforms..your not doing anything about it!? Its about time someone does something because "uniforms".making us look horrible! The teachers at my school wear whatever they want.. I HATe UNIFORMs and will always hate them..THAT is my opinion!!!! Unless you have your tie really short, your shirt hanging out and your blazer's buttons perpetually undone, you'll get teased and mocked.

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mollie/sacramento i dun't get it why is students are force to wear uniforms?! Why can't we jux enjoy going to skool and not worry-n- boust wut we are wear-n-??? nicole sexto from pompey wooooooooo skool uni suks but i dnt wana get rid of it coz dat may cause bullyin but i do fink we shouldnt be as strict with our uni Dave from Brighton I went to Grammar school over 30 years ago, and left because my mum couldn't afford to buy me a school Jumper. we want to wear our own clothes because most people judge you for what you look like in your school uniform most people when not in school lookj totally different why do we have uniform any way its not like its a must have our own clothes would not be distracted of ouyr work we would still get the job done we as the match makers feel very strongly about non uniform and are trying our best to see that we make a difference thank you and goodbye Dwayne Mullet from Springfield, Illinois School Uniforms are so terrible!!! When you take away your soul, there's nothing left, just your body, enslaved in a horrifyingly ugly uniform.She knitted one by hand but I was hauled in front of the head as it was the wrong shade of green. Parents insist that it stops shootings and murders and drugs, etc., but it's never been proven to be true. Barbara from Plymouth uniforms r alrite stop whining Jorge Plymouth ha ha we dont have to wear uniforms Alistair , HK I think wearing uniform is good..shows good discipline Sinead "..having a uniform you remove the pressure to keep up with the latest fashions, that it removes the barrier between the classes and that it shows a pride in the school..." Few may realize it, but this argument to mantain school uniform policies actually has a few cons that need to be considered.A secondary school in Totnes has become the first in Devon to abolish school uniform.From September, 2003, students at King Edward the Sixth Community College will be able to wear what they like to school. Click on the link to get your ballot paper and then place your vote.

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The Principal, Stephen Jones, says the decision is a reflection of the good atmosphere at the school. Once you've voted you will see the current results.Whatever your view, whatever your age, we'd like your vote.