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22-Aug-2015 22:31

Instead of following the other ladies of Rock Star into a harder rock area (Storm Large, Dilana), Mc Neil shifted towards much friendlier power pop, in a similar vein to Kelly Clarkson and Pink. Dio Guardi and Frederiksen have created a perfect album for Mc Neil, one that is catchy without being a sell-out, and indulgent without seeming pretentious.

She enlists the help of Kara Dio Guardi and Marti Frederiksen to write practically all of Broken and Beautiful for her, therefore leaving herself almost entirely out of the writing process. The album is stocked with hard pop chart smashers like "Hung Up" and "Skin," which would appeal to any radio listener.

In other words, it borrows the negative traits of both "Breakaway" and "My December" without having the appeal of Pink's "I'm Not Dead." However, every single track individually is strong, and the best moments on the album are stronger than anything Kelly Clarkson ever recorded.

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