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13-May-2015 13:17

And while we learned that he likes all kinds of women, there are things he doesn’t like so much. Check out what he has to say about that, the “war going on” in dating between black and white women, and why women are possibly missing out on Mr.

Copyright Written by Jill Hopper, Dixie Willow Ragdolls, copied with permission.

Advertising both papered and unpapered kittens is a red flag - offering unpapered kittens as purebred Ragdolls is not considered acceptable by any Ragdoll club or cat association.

In addition to the information below, please be aware of "rare" or "unique" Ragdolls often sold for considerably higher prices.

SCAM ALERT: Beware of anyone who offers Ragdoll kittens without papers.

These sepias/minks/solids are not considered true Ragdolls by the vast majority of breeders and cannot be traced to the original cats labeled as Ragdolls.

Any solids/minks that are registered are identified as a Ragdoll "Variant" meaning it does not conform to the accepted Ragdoll standard.

WE tv’s new dating show, “Match Made in Heaven,” premieres tonight!

And the star of the show, Shawn Bullard, stopped by to talk to us about what he’s looking for in a woman, why he decided to take part in the show to search for love, and his preferences. Bullard says that in the effort to preserve our hair, we are taking ourselves out of the moment, and he’s not a fan of that.

You may come across sepia, mink or solid-colored Ragdolls that are claimed to be rare and of special value.These colors are rare because few established breeders choose to work with them.

Hi I'm a very easy going person who loves life and enjoys on what life has to offer. I'm a caring honest guy who lives sensual woman and affectionate living lady for love and romance Well I'm bike eyed and handsome. Reading is one of my favourite I'm a hard working black man.… continue reading »

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