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The Taiwanese government made significant efforts in investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes over the last year, particularly involving labor exploitation.Taiwan does not have a comprehensive anti-trafficking law, but a number of its laws collectively criminalize most forms of trafficking.You can help by rewriting it to meet Wikipedia's quality standards and neutral point of view policy, ensuring the accuracy of the information by citing reliable sources. It is also a source of women trafficked to Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Mandarin, like any language, has its own slang words and informal meanings for some common words. to muddle along, to partake in a given activity in a lazy and unserious manner(as in 我這裡已經快混不下去了。 "I'm about to get kicked out of here." (school or company etc), 你還想混多久?For example, 同志 (tóngzhì - comrade, a commonly used honorific under Communism) now has a second meaning of "gay person" (because it literally means "same aspirations"—in this case sexual proclivities rather than political interests), and the female equivalent 小姐 (xiǎojiě, often used with service personnel such as waitresses) can also refer to a prostitute. The letters "xx" stand for someone or something, lit. "How much longer are you planning to go on like this?

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