Taylor acoustic guitar dating

10-Dec-2015 08:08

The final result is nearly invisible, and virtually undetectable to the touch.

The rosewood lower side on this Martin J-21 was splintered and shattered, with bits and pieces missing.

(There is no photo retouching in any of my photographs).

My goal is to take such good care of your instrument that you'll never go anywhere else.

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The shop has 4 workstations, including a dedicated bench for neck resets and vacuum-clamping.Each zone is specifically allocated for certain tasks, to facilitate consistent results and quality control.The damage was repaired by gluing, filling, and carefully sanding the area level.The grain was painted in where missing to recreate the look and spirit of the wood.

is a climate-controlled and fully insured guitar and stringed instrument building and repair center located in Huntington Long Island, New York.Clients are seen one at a time, by appointment only to ensure a personal touch and pay complete attention to your needs.

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