Taylor lautner gossip dating

07-Jun-2016 07:12

Is this an indication that the meet up between Lautner and Stewart was more than just a simple .

However, Cargile and Stewart recently dispelled such rumors after being spotted in Los Angeles over the holiday.

Given their public outing in celebration of New Year’s Eve, all seems well with the couple.

Although the franchise proved to be a massive boost to both of their careers, Stewart recently told the series wasn’t all good.

“I did Twilight when I was 17, it came out when I was 18 and my life was never even remotely the same,” Stewart explained in the interview. but a whole lot of other baggage — really heavy and really cool baggage — came along with it.” While the two stars were joined by a car full of friends, Stewart’s girlfriend, Alicia Cargile, was not spotted during the outing.

is met with a bit of irony — he fully admits that he’s very easily scared!“I’m super easily scared and startled,” Taylor dishes in a brand new interview.