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29-Apr-2015 15:54

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Microsoft unleashed a similar bot in China called Xiaoice that has been talking to millions of people for a year with no problems, but the American Tay went off the rails within a day.

Now, of course, the question is, how did this happen?

there’s the specific answer: the imageboards 4chan and 8chan, and specifically their pol boards, “pol” standing for “politically incorrect.” Both boards, which primarily come up with bizarre conspiracy theories, are also good at mobilizing their readers to participate in online campaigns.

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Keep in mind that it does learn things based on what you say and how you interact with it. i hope you guys can help me on educating this poor e-youth Basic history, in this case, meant denying the Holocaust, discussing Ra Ho Wa (short for Racial Holy War, a white supremacist concept), and an abiding love for Donald Trump, among other things.Tay’s ability to repeat what someone asks it to say was also used to harass Zoë Quinn, one of Gamergate’s primary targets.Here are some of the private conversations with the bot that they shared: As 4chan realized it could get Tay to tweet about Hitler, racism and the evils of feminism, 8chan’s pol joined in Wednesday evening, with a thread titled “Teaching the n**bot about the jews” (asterisks mine), the opening post of which read: So in case you guys didnt hear.Microsoft release a AI on twitter that you can interact with.

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4chan’s pol discovered Tay first, on Wednesday morning, with the original poster predicting, “This is gonna be a mess and a half.I can already sense SJWs being furious over it.” Other posters started sharing their conversations with the bot and celebrating their attempts to get it to say and agree to horrible things.

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